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14 avril 2016 4 14 /04 /avril /2016 09:00

My VMX installation guide

I'm currently writing the 2nd Edition of the MX Series book. In this new edition, I wrote a chapter dedicated to VMX. The 2nd edition of the book will be released in few months: stay tuned :) !

I spent some times in lab to install and tune the VMX router. The installation guide is not part of the chapter as installation procedure could change with the coming next releases. Nevertheless, to not lose the work done, I share with you my installation procedure which covers:

  • vMX on ESXi for low applications bandwidth
  • vMX on KVM for low applications bandwidth
  • vMX on KVM with SR-IOV for high applications bandwidth

To study how to install the VMX and write my installation guide I used several materials:

  • The Technical Documentation on Juniper website
  • The awesome DayOne book of Matt Dinham
  • A VMX tutorial by Ping Song (A Juniper guy who helped me during my studying of VMX)

My installation is provided in pdf format through the link above.


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May i apply all virtual bridges to one vmnic beacause have one Lan card on ESXI 5.5 server.
Thanks for the information that you gave above . Extremely helpful to me .